Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

Grand Rapids based jazz/rock/funk/fusion super-group Pocket Watch is our feature this week. Enjoy a two song live session and podcast interview from the band!

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Cool, calm and electric/eclectic/eccentric. Pocket Watch is huge. Every sound, from every angle, perfectly filling all the empty spaces. Each song tells a complete story and upon re-listening, the story changes every time. Most often their music conjures up images from a Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service etc.) film in my head. 

One of the main contributors to the audible onslaught is world class drummer Zach “Doobie” Dubay. His talent is instantly recognizable and unforgettable. Smooth, precise, groovy as hell. Keala Venema cuts through the chaos with sweet melodies on violin along with Jarret Holtslag on keys who plays like he has twenty fingers and looks like Will Turner. Tommy Pancy is the perfect sax man, jumping in with swagger and impact in every song. The string section is filled out with Dale Bales (cool af name) on bass and Chris Murphy on guitar, Dale’s ability to keep in line with so much going on is awesome. Consistent and never too busy. Chris on the guitar always chimes in with something epic that takes songs to the next level. In all, the way the entire band plays off of each other is amazing. They’ve got great spacial awareness, with each member getting their flowers in each song.

I first saw Pocket Watch at last years Battle of the Bands hosted by The Stray, which coincidentally is happening right now, in real time. Learning that the band was only in its infancy at that time is WILD as they were the tightest and most professional band in the entire event. Going forward, I can’t wait to see how far they make it in the industry, they’ve got IT.


  • Lex Luscious
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