Upstairs, Man Studios

We offer our label's professional-level recording studio (located in Lowell, MI), with fun and unique instrumentation with a focus on quality over quantity. We offer professional level mixing services while maintaining integrity to the sound you desire. Additionally, we are in close contact with other individuals capable of finding the unique sounds you desire. From hip-hop to metal, we can connect you to someone willing and capable of making your record sound its absolute best.

We believe there is no wrong way to approach a track and are willing to try any technique of recording. We offer a free demo session of the space upon request. Our rate at Upstairs Man, Studios is $25 an hour with a three hour minimum. We are willing to negotiate a flat rate for full day sessions. If interested, reach out to us here:

Live sessions:

Samples of audio recorded and mixed at "Upstairs, Man"

Samples of audio recorded at "Upstairs, Man" (mixed elsewhere)