Vernon Potts

Vernon Potts

November 2023: Vernon Potts

The second edition of "The Gold" with psych-punk band Vernon Potts. VP signed with the label after the release of their debut self-titled album, performed live at the Pyramid Scheme on August 17th, 2023.

Enjoy their five song live session from "Upstairs, Man" (where they tracked their album), and the sit down interview from the boat house along the Flat river in Lowell, MI. New comers Mr. Chad Taninns (bass) and Jean Ilk Skim Mom (sax, keys) join forces with Kacy Lerner and the Al brothers (the Preservers, Ryne Experience) to fill out the live sound as a bonifide experimental jam band.

Who the fuck is Vernon Potts? Man? Beast?? Man-bear-pig?!? A mad scientist hell bent on destroying the world? Unfortunately, none of the above. So who is Vernon Potts? The newest and rockiest band in the ambitious career of Ryne Clarke. Joined by some long time friends, a local sax savant and a hairy man. Collectively, they perform under alter egos and consist of: singer/guitarist Kacy Lerner, drummer Al Garrick Pkt, bassist Mr. Chad Tannins, lead guitarist Al Germ Jerky, and saxophonist/keyboardist Jean Ilk Skim Mom. 

Having followed Ryne’s career the last few years, I was stoked when he told me of his plans for Vernon Potts. I’m a rocker through and through and I was sure his new sound was going to scratch my itches. Having only known him a short while, I’d just heard rumor of “rock n roll Ryne” and was excited to see what he had in store. As I’d find out later, I should’ve just talked to Kacy from the start. 

Kacy and the brother Al’s go way back and have played together for years. After highschool, they both went off to college, kept playing, kept in touch and all kept improving their craft. Once both the Al’s got all their lernin dun, got their degrees and moved home, the time had finally come for the three amigos to get back together and start another band. Al came back with magical drumsticks, Al grew a huge beard and Kacy had schemed up new ideas. Jean and Mr. Chad hailed the call for support and the elusive cult.m4a polished it up with some immaculate vibes and perfect transitions. 

 They have a huge sound led by the fast and powerful drums of Al Garrick pkt with incredible rhythm and jams by Al Germ Jerky and Kacy Lerner. Jean Ilk Skim Mom rotates between sexy sax and the keyboard(pay attention to his hands). Mr. Chad Tannins respectfully demands your respect on stage with his powerful (and pleasant) composure. As you can imagine after listening to the album, their live shows are sick AF. Fast paced, easy listening and heavy at the same time.Each member of the band has obvious stage presence and ensure you leave happy.

In conclusion, the newest project by Ryne Clarke & friends rocks. Go to a show or add the album to your queue, either way they’re going to blow you away. 


Spike Nailz

Vernon Potts Album Review by Oliver Scott Draper

When you first start this album you’re greeted with a sample from the 1973 movie Horror High, and then and then it builds to and eruption of psychedelic bliss. The opening track "Nuther Day" definitely sets the tone well and gives you an idea of what to expect, but there’s plenty on this album you won’t expect. The songs gracefully flow together with the amazing sampling and splicing done by John “Conrad” Schaak, and a healthy variety in the music itself. 
    The guitarists both have amazing chemistry and play off each other, and the rhythm is always on point. The first 3 tracks almost feel like one, "Evening" being one of my favorites on the entire thing; That song particularly captured this trippy 90’s alternative feeling that I find irresistible and present is throughout. Another stand out track that would fall under the unexpected category is "Dream Small", I adore this song and would suggest anyone reading this listen to it. The music and lyrics are some of the best on the album, particularly the glass like keyboard that almost sound like rain dropping into bottles left out. 
    I really like the way things take a turn from there too, bringing it down for the next couple tracks and hitting you with upbeat and punky "Slip". "Oceans of Sand" was another that immediately jumped out at me, it goes from an high energy surfy pop song with the catchy hook and then it drops into a jammy break. The last song, "Allergies", a sorrowful ballad lamenting the turmoil the symptoms that come with them that is reminiscent of 70’s blues rock in some ways.
    Overall when I take the time to listen to an entire album I pay attention to how the songs work together and how the pacing affects the journey. Vernon Potts absolutely nailed it with their self-titled debut and it’s a trip from begging to end. It has a well balanced blend of genres and is most importantly a great listen with great songs.
    So, I was very excited when I was invited to Upstairs Man Studios©™ to witness the filming of a live video session and take part in interviewing the band. The space itself was wonderful, the recording setup was pro and the atmosphere was welcoming. When they started to play I was impressed with their performance talent, Joe Schimm was in the room with me downstairs (man) and he would flawlessly switch from playing sax to organ. 
    After recording was finished we went outside to get some shots of the members on an interesting old film camera. Spirits were high and everyone was having a laugh and then we went back behind the house and sat down for the interview. They were friendly and had a great sense of humor, we talked for a good amount of time and I got a lot of insight into how the album was put together. But, I wouldn’t wanna spoil any of that… so you’ll have to listen to the album and check out the video for yourself!
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