After Midnight

A hard rock band hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Comprised of four friends who have been playing together since high school, the music is a fusion of heavy riffs, pounding rhythms, and catchy hooks that will leave you wanting more. Dave slays the bass and vocals, Kota lays down guitar and vocals, Elliott shreds the lead guitar, and Bryan keeps it rock steady. With an unapologetic and chaotic energy, they aim to provide an unforgettable experience for our audience every time we take the stage. Whether you're a longtime metalhead or just looking for a good time, their high-voltage performances are sure to get your blood pumping.

Clarke, Reed, and Meadows

CRM is a newly formed folk trio based out of West MI playing folk covers of the 60's and 70's with their own folky originals. The group consist of Ryne Clarke (vocals, guitar, harmonica), a singer-songwriter and musician most notable for The Preservers, Alien Dogs, The Soods, and his former solo project The Ryne Experience. David Reed Ophoff (vocals, guitar, mandolin) is the front man of the funk/jam band Short Panic and played guitar in the GRCC Jazz Band. Megan Meadows (vocals, violin) is a classically trained vocalist and graduated from GRCC with an Associates in music. Together their three part harmonies and tight arrangements all wrap up into a lush sound that recalls the classic folk music of the 1960's.

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Common Molly

A young, hungry band from Grand Rapids, MI, Common Molly in just a year and a half have already made a name for themselves in the local scene. By blending sounds from blues rock, classic funk, alternative rock, grunge, and pop punk, they draw crowds that have as much of an eclectic taste as the music they play, allowing them to get gigs at any venue from a family tavern to the favorite local venues in the state. The band consists of drummer Carter Zamora, lead guitarist Thomas Mueller, bassist Brock Mueller, and singer/rhythm guitarist Bethany Fish.

Common Molly released their eponymous debut album in 2023.

Elroy Meltzer

Elroy Meltzer is an Alt/Indie/Rock, Singer/Songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan founded in 2010, fully realized in 2015. Elroy has toured relentlessly around the Midwestern U.S; releasing 3 EPs; "Hang A Tale”(2016) “Soup’s On”(2017)and “Resetting Sun”(2018). Elroy is back with a new album(The Elderly Midnight), slated for Spring 2024, about death, acceptance, and Jon Taffer.



Ficus is a heavy progressive psychedelic rock group hailing from Michigan's west coast. The band's dynamic sound combines elements of ambient atmospheres, heavy riffs, seductive grooves, and powerful harmonies reminiscent of yesteryear psychedelia with no shortage of modern flare. 
Their sound has been compared to: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, King Gizzard, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, and many others. They are known for their passionate and transcendental live shows.

Lost Magic

Lost Magic is a three piece punk band residing in Holland, Michigan. The current lineup got its start in late 2019. However, the roots of the band go back much further than that. Guitarist/vocalist Mason and drummer Rodrigo attended West Ottawa High School together where they became close friends and decided to embark on a musical journey together. Mason was brought up loving the White Stripes. He plays guitar with the creativity of Jimi Hendrix and the ferocity of Jack White. Rodrigo is a headbanger through and through. He pulls influence from drummers like Joey Jordison, Lars Ulrich, and Steven Adler. Their goal together is to make super loud, super sweet hits that everyone can bang their heads, stomp their feet, and sing along to.
In December of 2019 they added a bass player from Illinois named Ian to their lineup. The addition of a third member and another creative mind helped to take the music to new heights. Ian has the aggression of a punk player and a love for exploration like some of his musical heroes from the psychedelic 60’s and 70’s. The new expanded lineup quickly set to work perfecting material for shows as well as a debut album. They began that album in late 2020. In 2021 they continued to perfect the album and get themselves primed for their eventual return to the stage. Lost Magic is beyond excited to share their new music with the world.

Oliver Scott Draper

Oliver Scott Draper started making music in Grand Rapids 8 years ago, since then he’s released 6 full albums and 2 EPs spanning several genres. From weird folk tunes and scary pop songs, to borderline grunge or electronic. Imagine The Beatles with Ween, or if Daniel Johnston had GarageBand. Now he’s branching out and collaborating and trying to perform with a band more and more. His nearly 2 year release hiatus is almost up as a new album is in the works.


RyneShyne is a singer-songwriter from Lowell, MI, playing the styles of folk, rock, pop, alternative, and comedy in acoustic fashion, with help from his electric kazoo.

RyneShyne has released ten studio albums under various names, and has played all over the mitten state. His sound pulls from that of Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, and Wilco, to name a few.

In addition to his crafty originals, RyneShyne also covers hits from the 1960's to present day, making his sets eclectic and unique with each show.

Short Panic

Based in Grand Rapids, Short Panic is a funk/rock band consisting of 6 members. Kyle Kuhn on drums/vocals, David Ophoff on guitar/vocals, Solomon Gant on bass, Joe Schimmelmann on saxophone/keys, Ben DeWitt on guitar/auxiliary percussion, and Megan Meadows on vocals. Having all met at GRCC’s Music Program, all members of Short Panic are classically trained musicians. Frequenting local venues and bars, a set list will usually contain high energy originals and some fun covers spun in Short Panic fashion.

Short Panic released their debut album on December 1st, 2023 after three plus years of hard work and dedication:

Vernon Potts

A new project from singer-songwriter Ryne Clarke and friends, Vernon Potts is a five piece pedestrian swan-rock band from outter space. The band consists of singer/guitarist Kacy Lerner, drummer Al Garrick Pkt, bassist Mr. Chad Tannins, lead guitarist Al Germ Jerky, and saxophonist/keyboardist Jean Ilk Skim Mom.

Vernon Potts released their debut album on July 28th, 2023: